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I have been reviewing theater in Albuquerque for just about fifteen years, first for the Albuquerque Journal and more recently for the ABQ Free Press. Now I am venturing into the virtual world where younger and wiser theater critics are turning as the opportunities for print media dwindle. So, with the trepidation of the electronically elderly, I have started this blog and you have somehow found it.

Let me give you some background. I am a Professor Emeritus at the University of New Mexico where I have taught Shakespeare and early modern drama for thirty-five years. I still teach occasionally after my retirement. My PhD is from the University of Wisconsin with a major in Renaissance Drama and a minor in Theater.  I have served as literary advisor for two professional theater companies, The Clarence Brown Company at the University of Tennessee (where I began my teaching career) and The New Mexico Rep. I also took two years of acting with Paul Ford (Harrison Ford’s New Mexico cousin) and actually acted the smallest roles in three plays at Albuquerque Little Theater. But then I was asked to become the theater critic for the Journal and my acting days were over.

I am the only New Mexico member of the American Theater Critics Association and I was elected to their nine-person Executive Committee for two three-year terms. I am also the Administrator of ATCA and, as such, attend theater all over the country (and beyond).

As I gain confidence, I will write more reviews and post them here. I would love (or think that I would love) to hear your feedback. I assume that there is some way for you to reply to my reviews. I want to express my thanks to my wife Janet for her encouragement and editing, my son Jason for his technical skills and support, and to you for visiting.

Barry Gaines


9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Congratulations, Barry! Now we can look forward to getting direct access to your reviews! And you can go on as long as you have something to say, go off on a tangent when you feel like it, and generally spread your insights widely. Well done!


  2. Bravo, Barry! We’ll done. I do believe Peter Alden (my husband) and I have seen those 3 small roles you’ve played at ALT and thought you were quite good – and now we know why! You have also favorably reviewed several of the plays I’ve directed and I’ve always been thankful for your insights, criticisms and compliments. Onward, technology! (I think) – now how do I post this comment?….


  3. Hi Barry! I’m delighted to find you alive and kicking up the dust. How wonderful that someone of your stature and taste is reviewing theater… I look forward to reading about what is happening in New Mexico theater wise and generally just reading your thoughtful and interested take on plays in general. Joanna Bayless


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